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The technology found in every pair of Revo sunglasses is designed to enable you, not limit you. Built with the most superior lens technology and highest-quality materials on earth. Designed with every environment in mind.

Revo sunglasses with LMS™ technology selectively manage blue light to provide clear sharp vision in all conditions and maximum protection for your eyes and against potentially harmful UV and HEV rays.

High Contrast Polarization™: THE Definitive Visual Experience

Experience polarization like never before with sharp color contrast and crystal clear vision.

Revo High Contrast Polarized lenses provide outstanding visual acuity for a variety of performance applications and outdoor lighting conditions where sunlight can be harsh and reflection can distort vision. Revo HCP lenses selectively filter the color bands of the spectrum where the human eye is most sensitive to light and color, allowing all the ‘right light’ to come through while blocking and eliminating harmful or ‘bad light‘. Revo HCP lenses deliver vivid, clear, sharp-contrast images and superior vision resulting in THE Definitive Visual Experience. See the world that you’ve been missing.

Revo Serilium™ Lenses

A special formulation of polycarbonate, exclusive to Revo sunglasses that provide superior optics, impact-resistance and great overall vision and performance. Revo Serilium™ lenses use the finest optical-quality lens material and have strict manufacturing processes to avoid stress and limit birefringence.

In addition to high-contrast polarization and 100% UV protection, every pair of Revo sunglasses comes with three standard lens coatings to achieve optimum visual clarity along with color and contrast enhancement.


The Revo Light Management System™ (LMS) optimizes usable light that passes through the lens for specific environments and activities.


A combination of protective filters and coatings that help reduce intrusive back surface reflections. Our proprietary BSP Coating delivers clear, sharp images and less eye strain.


Revo SurfacePro™ is a permanent coating that repels virtually anything that may come in contact with your Serilium™ lenses. Whether it’s water, oil, sweat, dirt, dust, ink or even a fingerprint, SurfacePro™ keeps your lenses clean and ready to perform in any condition. Be assured you are protected from the elements with SurfacePro™.


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