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Multi-Focal Computer Glasses

Multi-Focal Computer glasses are essentially Bi-focal glasses designed for use while viewing a computer monitor. The Lenses are specially calibrated based on your reading glasses strength (power). When you select your reading glass strength, the upper portion of the lens is calculated for optimum intermediate distance . The intermediary portion will be optimized for the average distance from your eyes to the computer screen, which is usually further than your conventional reading distance. This allows you to use 1 pair of glasses and focus perfectly on printed reading material as well as the computer screen.

Each Multi-Focal computer reading glass has special coatings and tint to eliminate Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer reading glasses work by reducing the glare commonly associated with computer screens, filtering the ultraviolet blue light that is emitted, and sharpening contrast. Use of special computer reading glasses is effective for reducing eyestrain, headaches, and even sleep issues. Prolonged exposure to White light, and ultraviolet blue wavelengths emitted from all computer screens as well as LED screens of any kind, including smart phones, tablets, and televisions has an adverse effect on the eye.

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